My mother wonders about my loneliness… 

I have fallen deeply in love once… A second time I could have, but he wasn’t mine to fall in love with. I know my heart still aches though I rejoice knowing they have both found love that is true in a way I could never be.

My time will come, so I am told. I am young, so I am told.

There is a soul burning inside of me, it has been there for ages. It is misunderstood. Incapable of understanding why others see a young face and not its wrinkled heart when they look into my eyes. There is an impatience about the fire. Sometimes, it quakes, violently. A sign of immaturity. No. Perhaps, an indication of something foreign.

Scientists say It existed for some time before the Word became life, birthing the Earth. In a chaos we were spoken, humanity. Impatience. Explosive impatience, came from It. Yet, this space that we borrow is said to be 4.5 billion years old.

How many years was It misunderstood, misused, before it patiently gave birth.

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