things said…

I go through phases with my writing… This new place that I am in is forcing me to look inside of myself so there is a lot of raw material oozing out of me. This post is an example of that…

A lot of “things said” have come to me. These “things said” have come from different people who have played varied roles in my life. Some of them have brought me incredible joy while others have made me cry. Some of these words have allowed me to feel loved and to love while others have made me uncomfortable. Although these “things said” are not coming from inside of me, rather, they have come from outside voices, they have found a home in me and are now part of that looking in.

I will simply list these “things said” how I remember them. There won’t be any further comment or analysis beyond that, however, I share them as a means to remind us that the things we say can and often do impact others. Our words can be like swords, they leave scars, sometimes those imprints make way for beautiful new skin and other times they leave nasty wounds. Other times our words are just words…

  1. Wow! When I heard you speak I thought you were much older than you are.
  2. You are beautiful.
  3. You would be more beautiful if you wore makeup.
  4. You are so smart.
  5. You have learned to enter into the classroom of silence to listen to that Voice and groaning.
  6. You are our only hope.
  7. Why don’t you dress more professional?
  8. We are going to be good friends.
  9. You have an old soul.
  10. You are so kind.
  11. You look ugly.
  12. I love you.
  13. Why did you cut your hair? You’ve lost your beauty.
  14. You are too good for me to love, I don’t deserve you.
  15. You are going to do incredible things.
  16. You always leave me.
  17. Why do you overthink everything?
  18. The way you love is like nothing I have ever seen.
  19. Thank you for being my friend.
  20. He doesn’t matter.
  21. You laugh too loud.
  22. You’re such a feminist.
  23. Mind your business.
  24. This is a secret, don’t tell anyone.
  25. You’re not a real Christian unless you accept Christ in our church.
  26. Please talk to your brother, he doesn’t listen to me.
  27. You’ve changed.
  28. You have such a genuine smile.
  29. Do you believe that you’re beautiful?
  30. I love how open you are.
  31. Oh, I thought you were innocent.
  32. My feelings for you are confusing.
  33. I didn’t expect anything else but for you to be Flose.
  34. You are perfect for this job.
  35. Thank you.

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