Why have I chosen to become a political organizer? 

Months ago, when Donald Trump popped up as a serious presidential candidate, I was both disgusted and afraid. I couldn’t believe the United States of “North” America, a country that has made so much progress, was wiling to take a major step back. I am aware of the inter racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic fabric of this country, but was still shocked that so many Americans want to publicly declare what makes this country not so great, AND put presidential representation behind it. 

However, I have chosen to do something about Trump. This presidential election is extremely important, and young people have immense power. You don’t have to become an organizer for the Democratic Party, like I have chosen to do, but use your Civil Right to vote. Take it a step further, volunteer to get on the phones and/or get your boots on the ground to knock on doors when it comes down to it.

I know there are difficulties with the process. As President Obama has said, “we are the only major Democracy in the world that actively makes it hard for people to vote,” but there is immense power in casting a ballot and nothing but cowardliness in standing back. We are not teaching any particular candidate a lesson when we don’t vote, rather, we choose to watch the “system” make decisions for us, and often those decisions do not represent or look like our communities. 

So do more, register to vote, vote, and become an active participant in our democracy during presidential, state and local elections.

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