freestyle: Sampha, Blood On Me

you are my nightmare
but so familiar
my heart is the fear i escape
it beats through my chest
there’s blood on me
it’s everywhere
against the ceiling of my soul
blood on me
i’m running around these streets
i’m like a mouse without a treadmill
where to go where to go
i believe in god
cuz i believe in order
but i never really go where i’m meant to go next
follow the stream down the path
the wild is in the sky
right here you’re with me
this aint no love poem
you’re too complex for these romances
if you knew you’d see through these words
my brain is growing it’s own plant
sampha you’re with me in here
playing your keyboard
while my words scribble the sweetest poetry
do you think this is how lovers know they met
their artistry having made the love meant for them
maybe that’s why the best soulmances end

Flose Marie Yardley Boursiquot
October 28

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