Women who menstruate

When the bed becomes extra difficult to crawl out of in the morning and sweets pay no mind to the sway of the hips, it’s Mother Nature who knocks at the door.

She comes with a powerful reminder; baby girl, your womb is a treasure.

Not in the way conservatism begs you to not share what is in between your welcoming thighs, but a reminder that says you can grow pearls inside the smooth walls of your oyster shell.

This month is not your time to multiply clusters of cells into a fully formed life, but there’s beauty in this process too.

Don’t throw away those stained sheets and period panties. They are your mural.

Isn’t it wonderful how your body paints. Beautiful reds and Browns.

Isn’t it incredible how the volcano inside of you ruptures, some quakes crack the walls and others only explode with a stir.

Isn’t it marvelous how your cells communicate just so, speaking in a language you can’t hear or see but feel with each cramp or temperamental snap.

My dear women who menstruate, you are part of a tribe. There are a couple billion of us all over this Earth. We’ve got to take care of each other.

Some of our sisters can’t afford white sheets or pretty panties, some of our sisters are bedridden for seven days, some of our sisters use diva cups, some of our sisters have to miss school because they have nothing to collect the reds and browns, some of our sisters are just starting out, some of our sisters bleed for a couple weeks, some of our sisters don’t bleed enough to create the life they crave…

Through it all we are a menstruating tribe, we’ve got to watch out for each other, period.

Written by: Flose Boursiquot, February 2nd 2017

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