If I had you as my own, I’d love you like
the moon kisses the sun day after day
I’d sprinkle compliments on your pillow
and drown your bath water in beauty

If I had you as my own, every song on
the radio would be your favorite and I’d
know just what to play when your face
creases in that way I don’t like and I’d
know the right beats to match your
Saturday night hip

If I had you as my own, I’d love you
honestly—without chains and
these daydreams would end in late
night kisses by your side.

Written by: Flose Marie Yardley Boursiquot

Jealousy — nah, it don’t make sense

what do you see in her but skin and bones,
says the spider as it crawls on the window
it must be the sway of her hips above those legs
but i’ve got more than she could ever give

when the apple falls its not a tree,
the couple falls in love at the foot of the growth
sweet Adam takes his bite while Eve’s mind gets blown
Albert doubts that science could date back to just one bite.

Written by: Flose Boursiquot