Flose Boursiquot is a Haitian-born writer, speaker, spoken word artist, and political brain. Her first poetry collection, Close Your Eyes, Now Breathe, published in January 2017 to enthusiastic response. Flose released her second collection, loudmouth, February of 2018. She has been recognized as one of BET’s feminist millennial poets to watch, and her work has appeared in the Huffington Post, on Blavity, in the Delray Newspaper, and in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine.

Flose lives in LantanaFlorida, and she spends her free time writing, working local political campaigns, performing, and engaging in volunteer work centered around expression. She also enjoys blogging, travel, and thinking of ways to make the people in her life feel loved.

**Email letitflose@gmail.com to inquire about speaking fees**

Listen to my story… 

Want to connect with me, find me on Twitter, Instagram or e-mail letitflose@gmail.com.

I am a published author, buy my books here: goo.gl/oE72rh

Read my latest short story: http://www.foliateoak.com/flose-boursiquot.html

Learn more about me and book me for an event: https://letitflose.com/bookings/





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