Model for good :)

I’m about to be all y’all’s #WCW when I hit the runway in a Caribbean inspired outfit for the A Proper Affair event next Wednesday night at 6:30! 💃🏽 Beyond Proper by Boston Proper is partnering with Current Celebrity News & Dream Vacations to host the Tenth Annual Proper Affair to support the Achievement Centers for Children & Families which benefits low-income families in the #community.

Tickets start at $100:


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Peace at the Feria Verde Organic Market

Costa Rica has such a great reputation for honeymooning, yoga retreats and nature, but I think it needs to start advertising itself as the place to give your muscles and heart a great workout while checking out amazing views.

Yesterday, I spent the day at Manuel Antonio Park and when I tell you my legs woke up screaming this morning, I’m not joking. They were like, no more walking Flose, but I made them take me to the Feria Verde Organic Market then we checked out Irazu Volcano in the province of Cartago. I’ll be blogging about my experience at Irazu and with Sola Travelers tomorrow.

Feria Verde Organic Market 

  • Opens 7AM – 12:30PM!
  • It’s a small market where you can purchase organic vegetables, meditate, and listen to music. Their is a nearby basketball court and a large field where a group of 20/30 somethings were practicing some sort of frisbee game.
  • Today there was a Monk who ran a meditation class that I sat in on. The main take-away from his session is that we are responsible for our own happiness and that in the same way we brush our teeth twice a day or clean a pair of glasses, we need to clean/clear our minds. To learn more visit, Peace Revolution. 
  • It’s the kind of place where folks smile at you, children tug on their parents, and food smells fresh.
  • I enjoyed a delicious cold fighting juice from Mandalafruta.
  • And topped it off with a mozzarella, kale, eggs, mushroom, pita plate of deliciousness from El Lonche.
  • I broke my no shopping rule for a gorgeous neckless and earrings combo from P FOR POPPINS because the jewelry is made from real butterfly wings; I found that quite unique. No butterflies are harmed in the process, each wing is collected after the lifecycle.


Come back tomorrow, I’ll be blogging about my experience at Irazu Volcano and with Sola Travelers.