Weathered Heart

missing you is
the shiver
crawling on my
skin — one
thousand micro
worms freezing
every part of me
you once touched.

being with you
is a million thirsty
tongues falling in a
salt-less cool ocean water.

you are sunshine
on chocolate skin.

you are savor
swimming inside boredom.

you are awakening
when the night is dark all over.

Written by: Flose Boursiquot ((




There are a billion little things
and maybe a thousand heartbreaks
many i don’t remember
but my heart knows.

On nights like this
i feel heavy and light
it’s in the way i miss you
knowing logic has no pulse.

My legs are a ton
my heart a feather —
i’m alone. -FB

Do you know about Syria

I often hear that question from excited faces
who have just learned of the massacring of an entire country.

They point out something Obama said about regret in an article — they shake their heads wanting me to acknowledge that they now realize he is not perfect.
They reference an HBO documentary —  because that makes it real.

It’s really depressing stuff, is what they’ll usually follow the question
with then unveil their expertise.

Syria is not a fad.

It’s not a topic for you to pick up like a handbag as you leave
the Nordstrom store, show off to your friends for weeks on end, then leave off with your pile of to-go’s in two months.

–Flose Boursiquot, loudmouth ((

Model for good :)

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Yoga in the park

Hands to arms,
you touched my heart.

I love you with the strength
of the sun against our stomachs.

You told me that I am my master,
with the earth holding me up,
you showed me community.

Hands to arms,
you touched my heart.

I love you.

Written by Flose Boursiquot
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